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freelance writing, proofing, and editing

I'm a professional writer who can help you with most types of writing, both web-based and hard-copy.

Writing services offered include:

  • Technical writing
  • Technical manuals and courses (researching and writing)
  • Website content writing and search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Company newsletters and articles
  • Editing and proofreading

See below for details of my fiction writing.

website content and SEO

The reason for having a website is to generate enquiries and sales, and to showcase your business.  To do that people need to visit your site and read it; and for that to happen they need to be able to find your site.

The secret to being found is about having a website that is both written well, and has the vital keywords and phrases that search engines look for.  Remember search engines search words, not fancy designs.

Website Content Writing

People read differently on the Internet than they do on the printed page. Online they skim over words. They look for phrases that jump out at them and links to their next topic of interest.

A skilled content writer understands how to write web content that engages website readers and keeps them focussed on your site. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the skill of writing your website in such a way that search engines find it and list it as close to number one in the Google rankings as possible. In other words, your site is written to be found.

Putting it together

A skilled website content writer brings together the art of writing and the skill of Search Engine Optimisation so that your site:

  • can be found by potential clients
  • is high up in the Google rankings
  • returns legitimate product and service enquiries
  • is clear and concise
  • captivates and holds the reader's attention 

How's your website?  Would you like to:

  • improve the look of your website?
  • increase website traffic?
  • increase website enquires?
  • improve your Google ranking?

For website content writing that gets results, contact me

Case Study: The Pink Bins Hire and Recycling Company

A web designer had done a good job on the design of The Pink Bins website but the folk at Pink Bins weren't getting the number of website enquiries they'd hoped for.  I spent twenty hours redesigning, rewriting, and adding content to their site and the results were:

  • a 355% increase in enquiries via the website
  • a move from 69th in the Google rankings to 2nd
  • a LOT more work for the team at Pink Bins

If you'd like to improve your current website, contact me.

What Pink Bins had to say:


Greg has been upgrading and maintaining our website for the last six months.  We have been, and continue to be, more than happy with his efforts and the results he has created for us.

Greg has anticipated and exceeded our expectations in all matters relating to our site.  He has continuously improved our website and therefore the amount of traffic and enquires we receive.

We would be more than happy to recommend him for any future projects.  We find Greg easy to talk to and he communicates well with those of us whose IT knowledge is minimal.

Sue Stuart - Director, Pink Bins.

If you'd like to improve your current website, contact me.

technical writing

Over my years of writing, I have gained experience and expertise in the skills required to produce technical and training documents.

Most recent technical writing clients have been iconic New Zealand brands, Griffins and Lion.

To discuss your technical writing needs, contact me

technical manuals and courses

editing and proofreading

Have you written your words already?  Many people write their own words only to discover that the content doesn't quite read as well as they hoped it would - but they can’t quite figure out how to correct it.  Other people are great at coming up with the ideas for a piece of writing but can’t organise it as well as they’d like, or lack the necessary grammar or spelling skills.

It could be your content needs a professional eye to freshen it up a little.

Let me:

  • organise your thoughts for you
  • check spelling and grammar
  • make your writing clear and concise
  • ensure what you write is what you mean

I proofread and edit;

  • newsletters
  • articles
  • brochures
  • theses, essays, assignments
  • books
  • in fact, anything with words!

If you'd like your writing proofread and edited, contact me.

articles and newsletters

Having the right type of website content is a great way to increase your website's Google ranking and the ability of clients to find your site - relevant articles and newsletters are the perfect way to increase content. 

Articles and newsletters also;

  • support existing clients and entice new ones
  • tell the world what your company or organisation does
  • remind your clients that you exist
  • reinforce your brand
  • encourage users to return
  • highlight new product and service features
  • and, if online, improve your website's Google Ranking

But, they need to be well written.  A poorly written article or newsletter can weaken or even permanently damage the image of your brand.

Knowing how to write a good newsletter or article is a skill that can take a while to master.  That's why I'd like to help you.

For newsletters and articles that get results, contact me.

Case Study: FORTIfi Financial Solutions

For a number of years I have been researching and writing the monthly e-newsletter for FORTIfi Financial Solutions.  The newsletter articles are then transferred to their website Resource Centre to provide an online resource relating to personal and small business finance.

The newsletters are well-received and form a vital part of the support FORTIfi offers to their 2,000+ clients. 

The added content on their website adds significantly to their Google Ranking.  The FORTIfi Financial Solutions website draws almost 1,000 visits a month from people visiting their Resource Centre articles.

For newsletters and articles that get results, contact me.

fiction writing

My current fiction works are:

  • Believing in Rita
  • Fruit of the Spirit (short-story collection)
  • Seven Deadly Sins (short-story collection)